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What our clients say

On  Impact of Leadership Coaching

“I have always known that self evaluation is a very powerful tool. But what I have learned over the last year in working with Katarina is that the benefits of such an evaluation can be increased significantly by working with the right type of professional coach.
Her broad based experience in both industry as well as her subject matter expertise strike a potent combination in dealing with the needs of any business leader, even more so in today’s “unparalleled  business environment”.
Katarina’s ability to facilitate her coaching partner to ”look in the mirror” then aligning on the desired modifications to be focused on is truly a gift.
At the start of the process some of my colleagues ,and for that matter myself ,had  doubts on how ”coachable”  I would be . Those doubts quickly disappeared and the targeted results ultimately exceeded expectations to the point where I have now decided to continue our relationship with a new set of objectives as I am now broadening my management scope of responsibilities.
Katarina is highly recommended as a great coach and making the process enjoyable
    Randy, CEO, Global FMCG Company, Canada/CR

 “I found Katarina to be a great balance of right brain and left brain thinking and approach, and capable of sensing and pulling out the best of my leadership and personal capabilities. Expert knowledge of both coaching as a discipline and of the functional sides of business. Not coaching by telling, but coaching by helping you find the way... and by asking tough questions!  Among her top qualities are great results, high integrity and creativeness. I'd definitely recommend Katarina to anyone looking to make a step-function change in their leadership capabilities.”
    Chris, CMO,  Global Telecommunication Company, Canada

“Coaching with Katarina has empowered my professional life with a real, clear view on my work within wider frame and perspectives.
Thorough analysis and recognition of seemingly simple, though complicated professional situations and defining their interdependencies with basic principles of human behaviour, has emerged the change of my attitude and behaviours in many different aspects. I have reconsidered and adapted some important approaches and actions.
Coaching helps me to be more systematic, focused, and efficient in my everyday work. Last but not least it helps me tremendously to be stronger in decision making and still keeping the distance and clear perspective.
The best feedback I am getting in the process of coaching is the increasing performance and motivation of the teams I am leading and the overall performance of the company.
       If I compare my coaching experience with Katarina with my previous experiences with “coaching” I see working with Katarina as a very unique and highly enriching experience going far above any of my professional experiences so far”.
        Jan, CEO, FMCG Global Company, Czech Republic

Katarina was my Coach for more than one year. I selected her at the time I started working for Vodafone and the main focus of our coaching was my “on-boarding” to the new culture and the senior leadership team and clarifying expectations from my new role.
Katarina brought into our coaching a lot of energy and incredibly warm and trustworthy style. But what I appreciated most was her ability to work on the topics from the top to the bottom: look at the issues from the helicopter view first which enabled me to step back for a while and see the issue from different perspectives. Then go very deep into the root causes, look for the answers to open questions and finally work consistently, step by step, on changing the habits. We never finished our coaching without agreeing on two or three things I am going to change and always started the next coaching lesson with “what was it like when you were trying”. Katarina was using different creative methods to reach the goal. She challenged a lot, put lot of hard questions and where words finished, pictures´ drawing started. 

In the end of our coaching I understood the culture and was very clear about the expectations from my role in the organization and senior leadership team. I was able to work on issues differently and not skip into my old habits. I also found courage to do things which I was postponing for a longer time such as ask my CEO to change the approach to our 1:1 meetings or our senior leadership meetings. Moreover I am now able to help other newcomers to the team with their on-boarding. 
        Katarina, VP HR, Global Telecomunication Company , Slovakia/ Czech Republic 

I tend to be a very impulsive impulsive and very active person, which at times had negative impact on my communication style. It was really something I wanted to improve, especially in my career growth, where the communication style & networking started to be more and more important due to my new international exposure and position at very high strategy level. 
Coaching with Katarina helped me tremendously. Any time spent with her enriched me and opened my eyes. She enabled me to see the things from different angles. I started to realized & understand how important proper communication style was and how much a person can loose with wrong approach. 
With her excellent approach, I have really gained trust to myself and the process, which is usually not easy for me. I am very glad I did trust myself. This helped me to understand my behaviours in variety of situations and also get emotional balance.
I have highly appreciated our sincere opened enriching dialogues. At many occasions Katarina served as my trusted advisor and third opinion provider. That made our interactions invaluable. 
There is still long way in front of me to become an excellent communicator, however with her support I am sure I will get there. 
    Monica, Senior Marketing Strategist, HQ World , France

Katarina's gentle yet insightful and challenging coaching style helped me grow as a person whilst dealing with a huge personal challenge in my business life.  Her style and approach coupled with a (sometimes spooky) level of perception helped to make our sessions in-valuable,  Needless to say it also led to our discussions meeting lots of unexpected but important aspects of 'me' along the way.  Being coached by Katarina was always highly rewarding given her ability to make even difficult discussions enjoyable (even when she shouted at me!) and I looked forward to each session with great anticipation.
I would recommend Katarina, without reservation, to any business leader looking for some support and challenge in order to help them 'move mountains'.
    Simon, Managing Director,Chemical Industry, UK

“When I saw the coaching program for the first time, I thought it was somehow expensive but with time I realize that it was the best investment I have ever made. With what I have learned about myself, the future of my company is guaranteed. I strongly recommend Katarina to any entrepreneur in search of a real professional and business oriented coach.”
        John,   CEO, Retail chain, UK

Business coaching was a notion I was not really opened to until I met my coach Katarina Schapiro. She has opened the new perspective for me by her experience and personality, a mix of energy and passion and sincerity. Since cooperation with Katarina results became visible, a positive spiral of changes both professional and personal. The new approach in listening and communication has an unexpected effect on my relationship with my teams and in my personal life.
        Bertrand, Sales and Marketing Director, Automotive Industry, Italy

On Leadership Education

“Management seminars and coaching with Katarina …oasis  in the desert of grey management courses and interactions…”
        Tomáš, Managing Director, Leading Advertising Company, Czech Republic

'I have been in contact with some of local coaches within communication, sales psychology, goal setting and personal development. Katarina Emma beats them all!!! Her way of conducting the coaching training makes every minute very interesting and there is room for fun as well.  It is obvious that she constantly seeks for challenge and excellence not only for herself, but also for others, which made a big impact on me and will be with me when I move on in my career. I have decided to hire Katarina as a personal executive coach after the Manager Coach Training and other colleagues in the board benefit of her presence and professionalism in one to one coaching today.'
         Frederic,  COO, Pharmaceutical company, Belgium

Workshop on coaching and leadership hold by Katarina have greatly contributed to the quality and effectiveness of the coaching conversations both at the workshop and after in the organization, among leaders and their teams. What made it so impactful was a combination of leading-edge content with discussion-based and experiential  and passionate delivery. We have been able to apply the learning directly to day-to-day coaching, from informal “corridor coaching” conversations right through to formal performance discussions, all that made it very useful and inspirational experience.
         J.K, CEO, Finance and Banking,UK

On Consulting and Coaching Change in Organizations

Katarina was selected as a consultant for the Procter&Gamble and Gillette merger in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Her major goal was to deliver a complex recommendation and proposal how to execute merger within Customer business development organization (CBD-Sales) aiming to minimize negative impact of planned change and w/o a hurt to the business. The task was considerably challenging as Gillette organization had to reduce headcount of CBD-Sales by 70%. We managed to execute the change with the YOY Sales index of 104% and w/o any significant loss of critical team members. Katarina has designed and led a series of creative workshops for our is a champion for diversity. She takes personal responsibility to build diverse and inclusive environments and is a role model for recognizing and valuing diversity in others. I do recognize her ability to collaborate effectively and enthusiastically across geographic and organizational boundaries. Partners externally to form mutually beneficial relationships; comes to common ground for win-win solutions. Is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others; displays compassion and consideration for others. She searches proactively and broadly, both internally and externally, for knowledge and learning opportunities to grow personal capability. All of above mentioned was experienced during a time when Katarina operated also as my personal coach.
         Lubomir , Gillette General Manager and NAD Leader P&G

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